Tiny MCE Editor 

The TinyMCE Editor is used when editing Home and Content Pages as well as in other features of netAdventist.

  • For example, we will begin in Site Content, Home. Select Edit. The editor tools may be familiar to you from other word processing programs you might have used. By placing the cursor over a tool, you will see a description for that tool.
  • The first row begins with File (to create a new document that will replace any existing content on that page), Edit (which includes Cut, Copy, Paste and Select all in the dropdown), View (which includes Source code, Visual aids, Spellcheck and Fullscreen), Insert (which includes Image, Link, Media, Table, Special Character and Horizontal line), Format (which includes the options from the second row), Tools (which includes Spellcheck, Source code and Word Count) and Table (which includes Cell, Row, and Column). Click on the menu item to see the dropdown menu. 
  • In the second row you have an Undo and Redo tool. You have options for Formats, Fonts, Font Sizes, Bold, Italic and Underline. You can select a Text color and a Background color to highlight it, options to Align your text, Strikethrough and Blockquote.
  • Let’s go to the third row of tools. You can Cut, Paste, Increase or Decrease Indents, and insert a Bullet or Numbered List or a Horizontal Line. You can Insert/edit a link or Remove a link in your text. With the Insert/edit image tool, you can add an image via its URL, add a title and customize its Width and Height. Refer to the Insert an Image training video for further instructions if needed. You can add a Subscript or a Superscript. There is a Special character tool for special symbols. There is an Insert/edit media tool which allows you to customize the Width and Height and more. There is also an Embed option. Refer to the Embedding a streaming video training video for further instructions or iFraming if you want to iFrame. For those who are familiar with HTML, netAdventist provides you with an HTML Source code editor. You can insert items already in your file library or upload new items with the icons Photo Chooser, Video Chooser (.mp4 with a codec based on H.264 or newer formats) or Audio Chooser (in .mp3 or newer formats). The process for uploading is the same with the icons as in the folders of the File Library. Refer to the File Library training video for further instructions if needed.  The Link Chooser allows you to create links to content you have already created internally as well as create external links. Use your cursor to select text or an image to link to. Then select the Link Chooser icon. For an internal link, that is, something you’ve already created on your website, Choose a category for the type of content, then Choose a link to the specific piece of content. For an external link, that is to somewhere else on the internet other than your website, select the tab to Use a Custom URL and type that into the box. Check the box if you want to open the link in a new window. Select Insert when done. The Map Chooser allows you to insert maps that you have created in the Maps extension of netAdventist. Refer to the Maps training video for further instructions if needed. 
  • Click the Save button at the top or bottom on the right side when you are finished making changes.