Embedding a streaming video

You can add a streaming video broadcast into a netAdventist Homepage, Content Page or Static Content widget for viewing on your site.

The new training video hasn’t been created yet for this feature.
  • If you haven't already done so, Log in and go to the Dashboard. You are taken to the Site Content tab.
  • Select Edit on the Homepage or select Content pages from the left navigation bar, then choose the one you want to edit.
  • Select the HTML icon in the second row of editing tools available. Another window opens called the HTML Source editor.
  • At this point you will need to obtain the HTML code from a website to embed it into your Content. Note: Not all websites with live streaming video will have a HTML code available for you to embed on your page. But if they do it will either be provided directly to you on the page or it will be a function of their streaming video player they have on their site. In this example we will be adding video from the Hope Channel to your netAdventist website. In another tab or browser window, go to www.hopetv.org and select from the menu Watch, then under Web, select Hope Channel. Scroll down and select the button SHARE.
  • Below the SHARE button, in the box titled Embed, copy the iFrame code with a Ctrl C or Command C depending what computer you are using. Return to your netAdventist tab or browser window with your editor open and paste in the code you copied from Hope Channel with a Ctrl V or Command V depending what computer you are using. Once Finished select Update.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save. See the Widgets training video for further instructions if needed to create a Static Content widget.
  • Select View Site on the top right to see the embedded streaming video.

Note: Depending on the parameters, the video feed window may not fit well. To adjust the size of the video window, go back into the HTML Source editor, adjust the height and width values to change the size. Select Save and View Site until you find the size that works best.