Prayer Requests

Visitors to your netAdventist website can submit requests for prayer through the Prayer Requests extension. These prayer requests can then be used to create an email prayer chain. When site visitors submit a prayer request on your site, they can choose if they want it displayed on your site or kept private. They also can choose whether they want their prayer request emailed to the prayer chain or not. Before the request can be displayed on your site or sent to the prayer chain, a site administrator must first approve it.

  • If you haven't already done so, Log in and go to the Dashboard. You  are taken to the Site Content tab. If you haven’t already activated Prayer Requests in Extensions you will need to go to Settings and Activate it. See the Extensions training video for further instructions if needed. 
  • Select Prayer Requests from the left navigation bar.
  • The Published prayer request index is displayed. You can submit a prayer request from within the dashboard by selecting the green button Add Prayer Request. Fill in the fields. Submitted requests can be seen on the Prayer Requests page, upon approval, if the requester selects the Post to website checkbox when a request is submitted. Also select the Email to prayer chain checkbox if you wish for your request to be added to the prayer chain. When finished, select Save
  • Select Prayer Requests from the left navigation bar to reveal the dropdown options. Scroll down and select the Pending folder. All new prayer requests come in as pending. The site admin reviews the prayer request and approves it after reviewing it.
  • It is the site admin’s decision whether to show a prayer request on the site or not. You can select Edit on a Prayer Request and uncheck a checkbox or edit the content to be published. Select the Save button. Select the Publish button. Select the Published folder on the left navigation bar. The prayer request that was just published will appear here now.  
  • Scroll down and select the Prayer Chain folder from the left navigation bar. Select the button Add Recipients to Prayer Chain to add emails to the list. Enter an email account for someone who will be added to the prayer chain and select the Add Recipient button. When a new prayer request is approved that has the Prayer Chain checkbox selected, the email accounts added here will receive an email. Select Done when finished.
  • Scroll down and select the Settings folder from the left navigation bar. An editor will open allowing you to change the Introduction and below it, the Confirmation Message seen on the prayer request page. Select Save when done.
  • For users to access the prayer request form, link Prayer Requests to your Main Menu, to a Menu Widget or to a link in a Content Page. Please refer to the training videos for Main Menu, Menu Widget, or Content Pages for further instructions if needed. In this example we went to the Main Menu, and added Prayer Requests as a Menu item. 
  • Now Prayer Requests are set up and a link was created. Select View Site. People visiting your site will be able to go to the Prayer Requests page. Previously published Prayer Requests will appear. They can select Submit a prayer request. This will take them to the prayer request form that is hard coded in netAdventist. After they fill in the prayer request form, they will select Save.