Menu Widget 

On each template you create, you can add a menu separate from the main menu.  This means you can have different menus on different areas of your site. These additional menus can be created using the Menu Widget.

  • If you haven't already done so, Log in and go to the Dashboard. You are taken to the Site Content tab and the homepage editor. If you haven't already activated the Menu Widget in Extensions you will need to go to Settings and activate it. See the Extensions training video for further instructions if needed. You can create Menu Widgets in Themes and Templates, in the editor of the Homepage, or in the editor of a Content Page. We will start with a Menu Widget that has been added to the Homepage. If you need instructions on how to add widgets, please see the Widgets training video. The Templates training video provides instructions on how to add a new template.
  • Select the Edit link. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Widgets Change link.
  • Select the OK button on the screen message.
  • Select the Widgets tab at the top of the page.
  • Select the Menu widget link to customize it.
  • You can rename the Title on the Display Details tab and then select the Customize menu tab.  
  • Select the Add menu item button on the top, right side.
  • In the Menu text, enter a name for the menu item.
  • To link your menu item to a page within your own site, select Choose the Page Type in the first dropdown. Now in the second drop-down box, you can select Choose a specific page to link to from within that category. Select Index to show all the content for a given category. If you are linking to an external website, check the Use Custom URL box and paste your URL there. Select the checkbox if you want the link to open in a new window or tab. We recommend this if the link leaves your website.
  • Select Save. Now you can see your new menu item. Repeat the same steps to add additional menu items. To move a Menu Item to a new location within the list, drag and drop it into its new location.
  • To create a sub-menu, select the Add sub item link and repeat the steps for adding a menu for sub-menus. Note: Sub-menus don’t work in menu widgets on some themes.
  • To edit a link click Edit next to the menu text. To delete a menu item, click the X next to the menu text.
  • Select the Done button and then the Save and Return button. Then select the Save button on the homepage editor.
  • Select View site on the upper right to see the menu widget you have created.