To use a Custom Domain with netAdventist two things must happen.  Your domain must point to the server your site is on (that's done through DNS name servers - explained later) and your domain must be added as an additional url in the section under your site's Settings tab in the admin dashboard of your site.  You may attach as many domains to your site as you wish by following this procedure.

There are (at least) two methods that can be used.

Method 1 (netAserve Paying Support Customers only):

1.   This is the best method but you must be a netAserve support customer for it to work.  If you have a union or conference-sponsored site you can purchase support here.  Unless you are paying netAserve directly for support, please skip to Method 2.

2.   Set the name servers.  Requires logging in the account you have with your domain name registrar.  Find the Name Server settings and change the name servers to the following, removing any existing entries:


Note regarding domains in current use (ie - not newly purchased):  if you have other services attached to your domain, such as email, you must send us all the DNS records for services you want to keep - we'll need to duplicate them on our servers.  If you have any questions about this consult with us first or you could temporarily lose email or other services currently attached to the domain.  Write with questions.

3.  Once step one is completed, send an email to with the following information:  1. your current netAdventist site url  2.  the name of your new custom domain.  3. Specify which domain you want to be your primary site domain.   We will attach the new domain to your site and make sure it's working.

4.  For any problems contact Customer Support - 

Method 2 (Non Customers):

1.  Sign in to your domain registrar account (where you registered your domain) and navigate to the DNS management area (Varies by registrar. Consult your registrar account help for further instructions.).  (If DNS for your domain is not handled through your registrar, skip to step 2, requesting your DNS provider to create the entries given there.)

2.  This step, setting up the DNS, is the most important one.  There are two basic options that determine how you can do the DNS and they depend on whether or not you ever plan on using email with your new domain.  Please read the instructions carefully to decide which option is best for you.
  a.  I will never use email with this domain:
  Create two CNAME records: Point both your domain name and its "www" subdomain (ie - "" and "") to your netAdventist-provided subdomain.  For example, if netAserve assigned you the url "", then make "" the content of both CNAME records.
  b.  I plan on using email with this domain at some point:
  CNAME's won't work for your base domain if you plan on using it for email.  Instead of making a CNAME record for your base domain, you must use an 'A' record.  'A' records point directly to the ip address for the server your site is on.  To find out the ip address, check the list below, or you can use a tool such as the one found here: to convert you site's hostname into its ip address, and then use it to create the 'A' record in your DNS management area.  The 'www' subdomain for your domain can be a CNAME, as described in step 'a' above, or it can be an 'A' record.  If you get stuck, write us at

    European Union  -  -
    Interamerican Division - -
    Lake Union -  -
    netAserve's server - -
    North Pacific Union -  - 
    Pacific Union - -
    South Pacific Division - -
    Southwestern Union - -

3.  Log into your netAdventist site and add the Custom Domain under Settings, in the URLs & Certs section.  

You can contact netAserve at 301-584-3100.