The netAdventist Directory allows you to create a church or organization membership directory viewable online, publicly or privately, or downloadable as a PDF, complete with photos and member details. It makes the process of keeping track of members' addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. much easier by allowing the right members to update their own records as needed.

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  • If you haven't already done so, Log in and go to the Dashboard. You are taken to the Site Content tab. If you haven't already activated the Directory in Extensions go to Settings and activate it. See the Extensions training video for further instructions if needed.
  • Select the Directory link in the left navigation bar. 
  • Select Settings under Directory. You have the option to set your directory to Publicly viewable or Members only. The directory is set to members only by default to protect information in the directory.  In this case someone will need to be a member of the site to see the entries in the Directory menu. NOTE: Generally speaking personal information should not be set for the public to view. We recommend you leave the setting for "Who can view the web directory" to "Members only". There are other options under the Access Settings. You are also able to add a message to each directory entry to inform viewers of additional information such as how to update their information. Select the checkbox to not show the country if desired and set the number of entries in the Gallery view or List view. 
  • Next select tab 2, Customize Fields. The field for Name exists by default. Select the button Add New Field. Type in a Field Name then choose from the dropdown list in Field Type to add email, phone, address, etcetera. Note: You cannot edit the Customize Fields once there are entries in the directory. The entries have to be removed first. When finished, select Save
  • Now you can add users by selecting the Published folder under Directory. Select the green Add New Entry button on the upper right of your screen.
  • The Directory Entry Details tab opens with fields for name, and others that were created. Please keep in mind that when creating a Directory, the photos can only be uploaded in the Directory extension. You cannot choose photos already in the File Library. Fill in the appropriate fields. Select Save. 
  • Select the Record Owners tab. In the field called Owners who can Edit this entry you can attach entry representatives and grant editing permissions to this entry. Only members associated with this site will show in the lists. Once logged in, they have the ability to edit the entry on the site. You can select one name or then with shift-click, you can select up to 4 names in a row, or with ctrl(control)-click you can skip over names to select up to 4 names. Select Save. NOTE. A member with ownership rights would log in to the site, go to the Directory in the menu, select the underlined name on a directory entry and select the Edit link on that entry. They would be taken to a page where they would be able to edit entry information and update it with the Save button. Your directory entry has been saved and added to the directory index.
  • In the dashboard, to edit an entry, select the Edit link. Once finished select Save.
  • Alternatively, you can upload a CSV file of an existing directory. There are several ways to create a correctly formatted CSV file. Field name options are ID,External Reference ID,Last name,First Name,Email,Phone Number,Alternate Phone,Address 1,Address Address 2,Address City,Address State/Province,Address Postal code,Address Country,URL,Additional Information (text),Photo Filename. Note: ID, External Reference ID, and Photo Filename are automatically added so have a column for them. Name will automatically appear as Last Name, First Name. The number of fields will be determined by the fields you have in your Directory Settings folder. So the previous example may not match what you have on your site. You need to copy the format text columns directly from your Directory Settings page keeping in mind the previous note. It is recommended but not required that you leave the format row in place when you create your new CSV file. From the Published folder select the Upload CSV/Zip button. The Directory Upload page displays. Scroll down and Choose File of your Data CSV File and/or Photo ZIP File. Select Open. Select the Upload button. Select the button Continue With Upload
  • You can create a color printable PDF.  You can configure the Photo or graphic for the front page, add your own custom text for the front and back pages, and define what format you want to organize the pages in.  Below Directory on the left navigation bar, select the Settings folder. Select the tab PDF Setup. Fill in the fields and elect Save when finished. In the Published folder select Download PDF. Select the OK button on the screen message.
  • As your members update their records, you may want to export them from your website and use them in your church database.  You can export the data in the Published folder by selecting the tab Download CSV at the top of the page. Select the OK button on the screen message.
  • To view the directory, add a menu item linked to the Directory or a link on a content page. See the Main Menu, Menu Widget, or Content Pages training videos for further instructions if needed. In this case the  Directory is a Main Menu item with the option of the Directory Index Gallery. Select View Site. Select the Directory to see your directory entries.